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Electric chainsaws are characterized by being practical and the best thing is that we can find models that fit our pocket, therefore, you will know the list that we prepare for you about the best cheap electric chainsaws on the market . In addition, by buying a tool at an economic cost, you will acquire a quality product that meets your needs.

In order to buy a cheap electric chainsaw we must verify certain aspects and evaluate the type of work . Do you know which one to choose? We provide you with basic buying advice that will be of great help to you. A variety of brands have in their catalogs electric chainsaws, even those recognized worldwide have for you the best prices on the market. Keep reading!

Best Overall
Einhell GE-EC Power chainsaws
Einhell GE-EC Power chainsaws
  • Features: This chainsaw is very good to use, It is light and doesn’t cause too much kick when cutting larger items ,it was closed Soiled and had to be cleaned
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WORX Chainsaw Tool
WORX WG322.9 Cordless Chain Saw
WORX WG322.9 Cordless Chain Saw
  • Features: This cordless 20V PowerShare chain saw is as fast and powerful; The automatic chain lubrication system not only makes for smoother, Unique Design & more efficient cuts,
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Anti-vibration system
BLACK+DECKER 2200W 45cm Chainsaw
BLACK+DECKER 2200W 45cm Chainsaw
  • Features: 2200W high torque motor with 12.5m/s chain speed, for fast cutting, Low kick back chain ,Cut Capacity – Up to 45cm cutting,Tool free chain tensioning
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Commercial Chain Saw
Advwin Chainsaw 18V Brushless Cordless
Advwin Chainsaw 18V Brushless Cordless
  • Features: Double switch control design to avoid the potential danger of false start, Automatic Oiler System, Easy to Use
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Sound Kids Toy
STIHL Battery Operated Chainsaw
STIHL Battery Operated Chainsaw
  • Features: Battery-operated toy chainsaw for kids who want to help, Chainsaw is 40cm long, Batteries included
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Best Chainsaw Skin
Greenworks 24V Cordless 25cm
Greenworks 24V Cordless 25cm
  • Features: 25cm (10″) cutting length,Safety motor brake for instant stoppage,Tool-less chain tensioning for speed and convienience
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1. Einhell GE-EC 2240 2200W – Best Power chainsaws (Black, Red)

Best Einhell Chainsaw
Einhell GE-EC Electric chainsaw 2200W
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10.0/10 Our Score

The Einhell GE –EC 2240 Electric Chainsaw is one of the models that has a compact design and is characterized by being powerful, so you can do any domestic work. It has a metal gear and thanks to this the tool will have durability.

It has the SLS Tirodial lens, which gives you the ultimate horizontal and vertical peripheral vision with the superior 260 degrees. Even its SLS lens system removed the lens itself in ten seconds.

Because it is an electric chainsaw, you will not be able to use it during long use, but it will be ideal when you need to do short jobs . Its operation is simple, the chain is of good quality and its starting is smooth.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Einhell
  • Voltage: ‎240 Volts
  • Wattage: ‎2200 watts
  • Item Weight: ‎5.6 kg


  • Tremendous
  • Effective
  • Easy handling and safety standards
  • The instructions are very good and understandable.
  • Very clean cut.


  •  The only thing it does is smoke trying to cut it and little else.

Optimal Features of Einhell GE-EC 2240 2200W

  • User manual – Contains information about its assembly.
  • Quiet – The noise level is low.
  • Safe – Comes with crash protection.

2. WORX WG322.9 Cordless Chain – Best Chainsaw Tool

Best Super lite and easy to use
Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Paintball
10.0/10 Our Score

The WORX WG322.9 Electric Chainsaw is one of the tools that comes ready to use and you will not have to lubricate because it does so automatically. It has a robust, but ergonomic design thanks to its working handle.

Is it resistant? Of course, this is due to its metal coating that will give it greater durability against a blow or fall. Handling it and performing daily maintenance will not be a problem. Another aspect to mention is that the change of the chain is fast .

These are some of the characteristics that you do not know: the fuel capacity is 260 ml , the engine it uses has great power and its performance is suitable for cutting down small trees or bushes in a short time.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: WORX
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Item weight: 6.19 Pounds
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required.


  • Powerful and great price
  • Auto Chain Lubrication
  • Good saw
  • Effective
  • Lightweight


  • User manual

Optimal Features of the WORX WG322.9 Cordless Chain

  • Power – It is more powerful than other electric chainsaws.
  • Manageable – It’s comfortable.
  • Design – Robust and with quality finishes.

3. BLACK+DECKER 2200W 45cm Chainsaw – Best Powerful Cordless Chainsaw

Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Paintball
10.0/10 Our Score

The BLACK+DECKER 2200W 45cm Chainsaw features a high performance motor and this is what makes it suitable for cutting most logs and wood. Its design is one of the aspects that will attract your attention about this tool, since it is compact and light.

Its power is 2200 W, you will feel the force it provides you when working. You will need to buy some oil to be able to use it and this particular device comes with an oil level indicator

Besides, its Multi ported ear Pieces permit you to hear what’s occurrence around you. And it has a one-way ventilation system that keeps you cool and eliminates fogging. The mask’s body also has some fascinating features.

It works with cable, so you can handle it for longer compared to those that come with batteries. It has an automatic chain brake , its weight does not exceed 5 kg, the cable is 40 cm and the assembly is simple.

Product Specifications:

  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Item weight: 5.5 Kilograms
  • Cord Length: ‎30 Centimeters


  • Lightweight
  • Nice size and so Powerful
  • Quick and easy to Start
  • Two safety locks
  • Ideal for household stuff


  • Cable length It is a bit short

Optimal Features of the BLACK+DECKER 2200W 45cm Chainsaw

  • Lightweight – You can charge it for a long time.
  • Price – The cost is inexpensive.
  • Grip – It will give you firmness when working.

4. Advwin Chainsaw 18V Brushless Cordless – Pruning Tree Saw Chainsaw Top Handle

Best Commercial Chain Saw
Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Paintball
10.0/10 Our Score

The Advwin Chainsaw, 18V Brushless Cordless Electric Chainsaw will help you cut trees or branches easily and without the need for much physical effort. Characterized by its ergonomic work handle, you will feel how it gives you strength to control the vibrations of the tool.

It guarantees you an automatic lubrication , which will improve your experience when using it. The chain is of good quality and in case it shows failures or you need to tension you will not need to use other tools. You will only receive an instruction manual with the package

We mention some of the main characteristics of the product: it will help you in your gardening work, it has a power of 1800 W, the cutting length is 325 mm , it is made of metal and has protection systems.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: ‎Advwin
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Voltage: ‎18 Volts
  • Item Weight: ‎4 kg


  • The safety button is easy to operate
  • Easy to start
  • Compact
  • Fast cutting
  • Durable


  • Emergency cut up it’s a great addition to the shed.

Optimal Features of the Advwin Chainsaw 18V Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

  • Power – Has good strength.
  • Quality – The finishes and the manufacturing material are excellent.
  • Cuts – They are fast and accurate.

5. STIHL Battery Operated Chainsaw – Best cut wood Chainsaw

Best STIHL Powerful Chainsaw
Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Paintball
10.0/10 Our Score

The STIHL Battery Operated Chainsaw is specially designed for domestic use and both the chain and its powerful motor work well. You will feel comfortable using them, since their work handles have an ergonomic design and will give you stability.

There are many reasons that will make you choose this electric chainsaw and it is that its plastic casing is resistant to impact . You will receive with the tool a protective cover, it will be useful when you need to move it or simply to store it with your tools.

Quality is one of the aspects that characterizes it and it will be easy for you to use it, in addition, you will not have to lubricate because the system it incorporates is automatic. It should be noted its power of 2800 W, weight of 4 kg and cutting capacity of 46 cm .

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: STIHL
  • Power Source: Batteries Power
  • Cutting length: 40cm long
  • ASIN: ‎B075QMRL1Y


  • Durable
  •  Pull cord initiates motor sound
  • Compact
  • Unique Design
  • Easy to use and Start


  •  Screws fall out

Optimal Features of the STIHL Battery Operated Chainsaw

  • Chain – It is of good quality.
  • Price – Adjusts to the quality of the product.
  • Protective cover – To keep it.

6. Greenworks 24V Cordless Chainsaw – Best Durable Home Garden Work

Best cordless chainsaw
Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Paintball
10.0/10 Our Score

The Greenworks G24CS25 cordless chainsaw is one of the cheap models, but safe because it has a voltage switch and kickback system. The design is larger than the models presented above, although it is worth it for the strength it possesses.

Its weight of only 2.4 kg makes it one of the lightweight tools for pruning and cutting trees at the height you need. It runs on batteries , so it will be easier to work outside, since you will not have to have a plug or extension on hand to use it.

These are the main features: its batteries are compatible with other brand tools, it comes with automatic chain lubrication , it has a battery and oil level indicator. You will have to buy the charger, batteries.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Greenworks
  • Horsepower: 500
  • Item weight: 2.7 Kilograms
  • Batteries : 1 Lithium ion batteries required.


  • Performed brilliantly cutting down a 3 trunk tree
  • Compact
  • No voice beings used
  • Safety motor brake for instant stoppage
  • 24V battery Included


  • Battery  Life is short.

Optimal Features of the Greenworks 24V Cordless Chainsaw

  • Lightweight – You will not have problems when charging it.
  • Noise level – It is a silent chainsaw.
  • Grip – Provides firmness and stability.

Ultimate Buying Guides with Experts’ Reviews

If you do not find a cheap chainsaw that suits your needs, we leave you all the information that you must take into account to make a successful purchase.

What is a cheap electric chainsaw and what is it for?

A cheap electric chainsaw is a tool that works with a cord or a battery , it consists of a chain, a handle that is used as protection for the hands and a manual or automatic lubrication mechanism. They are generally used in gardens.

These types of chainsaws are used to work with simple cuts that are not very thick, and many people use them for cutting firewood. Maintenance should be performed daily or every three days and the power varies according to the type of motor you use.

Tips for choosing a Good Cheap Electric Chainsaw 2022

What criteria should you take to choose a cheap chainsaw? Here we explain everything you need to know:

  • With battery or cable? : This is one of the dilemmas when buying an electric chainsaw, although it is best to think about our needs and the type of work to be done. The battery tools have a duration between 3 or 4 hours , but this is not exact, instead if you select a cable tool it should only be connected to an electricity network and you can use it as long as you want.
  • Working handle: The handle is one of the fundamental parts of electric chainsaws, since it gives you better firmness in handling the tool and protection in your hand. These tools are relatively large, which can be uncomfortable to handle, but if the handle is ergonomic and non-slip, you can work easily.
  • Security : The use of these tools is delicate, being one of the reasons why we should not only look at the price. Preferably it comes with a kickback safety system , which is common in these tools. Also, that it has overheating protection because it will extend the useful life of the motor and batteries.
  • Quality and price : The quality of cheap electric chainsaws will depend on the material of manufacture, in addition, the metal gear is one of the aspects to verify before buying it. As for the price, in our list you will find the cheapest on the market and their quality fits the budget. Likewise, it would be good to review user ratings.
  • Where to buy a cheap electric chainsaw? : You can go to the hardware store closest to your home to ask about the chainsaws they have available or simply go to Amazon and look for your favorite model. Shipping will not be a problem and you will receive responses if you have a problem.

Best cheap electric chainsaw brands in Australia 2022

Do you know the best cheap electric chainsaw brands? Choosing any of its models will make an excellent purchase:

Quality Brands

  • Einhell : They make their chainsaws in a resistant material and this gives them durability, most of the people who have a tool of this brand affirm that they are of excellent quality.
  • Tacklife : One of the brands that in its few years of launch has managed to make all DIY fans fall in love is Tacklife. All of their power tools have excellent performance .
  • Alpina : Its equipment has innovative designs in addition, the chainsaws it has at its disposal are light for your comfort.
  • Blaupunkt : A German brand with a long history is Blaupunkt and since its founding in 1923 it has positioned itself among one of the best brands and recognized worldwide for its high quality.

FAQs for the Best Cheap chainsaw

We are describing the following questions for a quick overview of the questions that discuss some queries that are asked more often.

The best little trimming tool to purchase would either be the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 trimming tool or the WORX WG309 2-in-1 trimming tool. The two models offer extraordinary execution at a modest cost. They’re likewise lightweight and can deal with most more modest eliminating positions around your home and yard.

A 8-amp saw can be viewed as light-obligation, while a 12-amp is for medium-obligation work, and a 15-amp is the heaviest obligation of electric trimming tools. Coordinating with your utilizations to your power needs can assist with guaranteeing that you’ll appreciate utilizing your saw.

Presumably. Most trimming tools have a two-cycle (additionally called two-stroke) engine. Four-cycle (or four-stroke) trimming tools do exist, however they’re normally huge business models for lumberjacks. You never placed oil in the gas of a four-cycle machine.

Husqvarna and Stihl are usually observed as the two best creators of best chainsaw on the earth. Either brand is possibly going to give better implementation than almost some other buyer brand available.

  • Our Verdict:

Now that you know that you don’t need to spend your savings to buy a quality electric chainsaw, you can buy it from Amazon quickly. Take into account the aforementioned characteristics so that your purchase adapts to what you are looking for, if you have any questions about the quality or performance of the equipment you can read the opinions of the users.

I hope this article about The best cheap electric chainsaws on the market has been useful to you, you can leave your opinion in the comments. What is your favorite chainsaw? If you still do not get the indicated tool, you can check our website.

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